Building Schools for the Future

Lewisham Schools and Bromsgrove Schools BSF Schemes

Developing outside space for schools has as much impact on the local environment as constructing the buildings themselves. White Horse Contractors is able to minimise this while keeping time and budgeting focussed.

At Sedgehill School, part of the Lewisham Schools BSF, White Horse Contractors’ team completed the construction of a full size artificial sports turf pitch in just 14 weeks.

White Horse Contractors designed and constructed the sports pitch on previously unused ground adjacent to the old school playing field. Because White Horse Contractors is experienced in recognising areas for environmental improvement, the team was able to suggest reusing materials from two other nearby sites in order to raise the ground level and provide a flat surface on which to construct the pitch. This not only presented a solution to the challenge of the waste materials, but also minimised the impact of lorries in the local area.

The Sedgehill School project also presented White Horse Contractors with another challenge, the drainage of the pitch. With no means of removing storm water away from the site via existing channels, White Horse Contractors’ team devised and created a drainage system for the pitch which included an innovative attenuation system, storing excess water and allowing it to soak away over time in a controlled way, without the risk of flooding to the pitch or nearby areas of roads and buildings.
Because of White Horse Contractors’ early involvement with this project it was able to integrate the construction of the pitch with other elements of the school infrastructure, delivering an efficient way of working and helping to reduce the completion of the pitch itself to just 14 weeks.

Experience meant White Horse Contractors was innovative in its approach to excavated subsoil material at Parkside School, part of the Bromsgrove Schools PFI scheme. Here White Horse Contractors reused materials in another way, specifically to create an area of learning and biodiversity.

Instead of being transported offsite, with the obvious impact of heavy vehicles in the locality, White Horse Contractors used excavated subsoil material to create a wetland habitat and environmental area. This is now used to enhance not only the general external school environment, but also for pupils’ learning.

Overall school design needs to incorporate both the internal and external elements, it is not just about the buildings. By introducing White Horse Contractors in the early stages of a new project, even at the design stages, material waste can be saved, time can be pulled back into the scheme and as a result cash savings stand to be made – there is no need for a BSF school to open without fully complete grounds, including play areas and sports pitches.

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Fact file

Artificial turf pitches Site size: 102 x 63m with goals storage recess at 54m2 = 6480m2
14 weeks
Work hours:
2520 man hours
Drainage pipe laid: 968 linear metres
Turf laid: TigerTurf HP 24
Topsoil laid: 23,567m2

Natural turf pitches Site size: 14,100m2
12 weeks
Work hours:
2160 man hours
Drainage pipe laid: 3170 linear metres


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