House in the wood - Hindhead, Surrey

The existing lake, formed some 50-60 years ago by the construction of stone dam wall across a valley in the garden, had been left to deteriorated, silt up and ultimately leak. We gained the necessary planning permissions and Environment Agency approval to undertake the restoration works within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB). Tree root protection trackway and fencing was installed to reduce the impact of plant and machinery on the site. Once fully drained down, silt from the lake was excavated, and due to the restrictions of working in an ANOB, had to be removed off site in sealed tipper lorries.

Ascot racecourse
The lake was re-profiled and an intensive network underliner drainage was installed. The drainage was required to divert and control the springs that issued water in various locations across the lake base, thereby preventing spring water from lifting the liner membrane. The liner was held in place with the conventional anchor trench system to the two sides of the lake, however it was mechanically fixed to the stone wall dam and across the base of the two stream inlets.

Ascot racecourse
Prior to filling the lake, two foundations were cast to anchor a floating fountain. The fountain was mainly incorporated into the design to provide aeration for the lake, however when lit up at night it provides a nice decorative touch to the project.

Ascot racecourse

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Fact file

Project: Restoration of private lake
Client: Tamsel UK Ltd
Contract supervisors: White Horse Contractors Limited
Contract Value: 285k

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