Computer aided designOur team of designers possess the ability to visualise your finished product.

To some your site may appear as simply a field, to White Horse Contractors' design team it is a blank canvas.

With our computer aided design capability we can help you share our vision.

The careful design of external areas for sport and amenity, for example, is just as important as a building’s architecture.

Through involvement at project conception, White Horse Contractors is able to link the design requirements of buildings and infrastructure with the playing fields, amenity and landscape areas. Early design input often provides elegant solutions, optimising value engineering potential and project delivery timescales.

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Case studies

Building schools for the future
Developing outside space for schools has as much impact on the local environment as constructing the buildings themselves. White Horse Contractors is able to minimise this while keeping time and budgeting focussed…Full story

Chelsea Football Club
After its grand opening and first official game, the final match pitches at Chelsea Football Club’s Cobham training ground are now open…Full story