Resurfacing Artificial Sports Turf

White Horse Contractors offer a full Renovation Service for artificial sports pitches and hard court games areas to support their expertise in the construction of new artificial sports pitches. This is often a cost effective option that can rekindle used and tired facilities providing clients with significantly increased levels of performance.

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, all old artificial carpets are always recycled.

Why do artificial turf facilities need renovating?
Once a facility has reached its typical life expectancy, the performance levels of the artificial carpet (i.e. ball roll, ball bounce, conditions underfoot) can dramatically diminish, resulting in reduced usage and increasing injury levels. Reduced usage and bookings can make the installation non-economic to run so it is strongly advised that clients consider either a resurface or new build option.

Even the best artificial surfaces do have a life span at which they offer peak performance levels even if it is properly and regularly maintained. Although artificial sports surfaces are designed to last for as long as possible, the typical life span of approximately 10 - 12 years, depends heavily on the type of sub base used, quality of the carpet that has been installed, amount of usage and levels and the quality of maintenance.

White Horse Contractors have a proven track record of transforming old and tired facilities into attractive and inviting destination sites at a fraction of the cost of a new build option resulting in a more visually attractive facility and increasing the income generation of a site.

We make the renovation process easy, with extensive experience and specialist expertise, covering all associated elements of pitch resurfacing. In addition to renewing the carpet White Horse offer a comprehensive range of additional services including:

  • renewing artificial carpets
  • constructing drainage
  • shock-pads (constructed on and off site)
  • 'hard' and 'soft' landscaping
  • fencing
  • lighting
  • a full in-house turn key package from securing planning permission to project completion.

Our team of experts are also able to offer free advice on securing grant funding for proposed renovation projects. In recent years the company have carried out renovations at a number of schools, colleges, universities, and professional and voluntary run sports clubs. See the case studies.

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Case Studies

Thomas Hardye
White Horse Contractors (WHC) were appointed as the main contractor to renovate an 18 year old (sand filled) artificial turf pitch at Thomas Hardye Leisure Centre....
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“ We were appointed by West Dorset District Council to design and manage the refurbishment of the artificial turf pitch at Hardye's Leisure Centre which was originally built in 1994.

I have had nothing but co-operation from the whole White Horse team. Such is the nature of the project that one is never quite sure what you will find under the carpet when it is lifted. In this case, several areas of the shock pad were in need of replacement, but having consulted White Horse we decided to patch rather than renew rather than unnecessarily increase the amount of work and cost.

The liaison with the contractor was excellent, they contacted me whenever it was required and discussions about works and conditions of completion were always mature and fair. The comments that came from White Horse Contractors were always reasonable.

I am aware that they have built another local pitch at Strode College, Street, a project that we had some peripheral involvement in. I know the architect was happy with White Horse Contractor's work and their practical input. It is regarded as an excellent pitch.

I should therefore have no hesitation in recommending White Horse Contractors as a contractor for pitch refurbishment.”

Andrew Paul, Director of Swan Paul Partnership.